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Alpha Marine Consultants & Surveyors LTD is an independent marine and cargo survey company established in 2013. We offer a wide range of services to shipowners and operators, shipping agents, charterers, ship sellers and buyers, traders, government & maritime agencies, and any others engaged in shipping worldwide.

Experts In Maritime Consulting And Surveying

Alpha Marine Consultants & Surveyors LTD is one of the leading companies in providing consultancy and surveying services to the marine, commodities and insurance sectors. Our team of surveyors are highly experienced with many years of marine and general cargo survey assignments.

  • We have extensive marine industry experience and a wide range of maritime expertise.
  • Our mission is to give our clients a timely, responsive and professional service.

Services Offered

  • Break-Bulk Cargo Handling
  • Bunker Survey
  • Condition Survey
  • Cargo Loading / Unloading Surveys
  • Cargo Claims
  • Container Inspections
  • Containerised Cargo Inspections
  • Draft Survey
  • H&M Surveys
  • Hatch Sealing / Un-Sealing
  • Incident Investigations
  • Loose Gear Inspection
  • Lashing Surveys
  • Marine Consultancy
  • On-Hire / Off-Hire Condition Survey
  • Pre-Purchase Surveys
  • Project Cargo Handling
  • Port Development
  • Pre-Shipment Inspections
  • Risk Assessment Surveys
  • Tally Services – Out Turn Survey
  • Vessel Superintendence
  • Insurance / Loss & Damage
  • Lashing & Securing, Heavy Lifts
  • Draught Surveys
  • Hatch Covers Water Tightness Hose Tests
  • Sealing/Un-Sealing Of Cargo Spaces Or Containers


Reporting and investigative services on behalf of insurance companies or cargo interests, all the way to the final claims and salvage procedure When salvaging, recognising whole and partial loss might result in significant cost savings. Independent insurance claim reporting aids in cross-claim or counterclaim actions. Estimate the extent of damage and also to find out the cause of damage.

Survey to give the Potential buyer the knowledge they need to make informed decisions about the condition and functionality of the vessel before making a purchase. Comprehensive report on the condition of the vessel from a thorough survey. The survey also reveals any additional hazards that need to be dealt with such as any hull or engine damage that might result in a state of class. To evaluate ship’s performance after examination of the fuel consumption and ship’s speed. Are there any significant maintenance issues that are past due or approaching them? Is the ship in compliance with SOLAS and IMO rules gives the buyer peace of mind and a thorough grasp of the item before purchase.

On a variety of ships , we supervise and undertake surveys for cargo loading and lashing/securing. Our marine surveyor work alongside the ship's crew and other interested parties to ensure the safe loading and seaworthy securing of all cargo. Your interests will be properly taken care of, the entire operation is meticulously supervised and documented, and certifications of approval are issued.

Perform cargo inspections during loading and unloading operations. Inspect loaded and secured cargo in the hold and secured to the decks to ensure that proper cargo handling regulations have been followed.

We conduct marine damage surveys to determine the severity of damage to the vessel's hull, deck, systems, or other areas. The report provides details on the most likely sources of damage, suggests solutions, and provides an estimate of the costs involved.

Our surveyors are qualified to investigate the main cause of damage, nature and extent (marine losses like cargo, collision, grounding, fire explosion). We can evaluate the damage, the repairs required, the costs and the time it takes to make the repairs.

Visual inspection performed at the time of delivery or re-delivery of a vessel to/from a time charterer. To ascertaining the condition of the vessel prior to delivery, recording any damage to hull or cargo spaces, certifying holds suitability for loading of the intended cargoes, validity of class and statutory certificates, etc. At re-delivery, the surveyor is to ascertain whether during the time charter the vessel sustained any damage.

A vessel condition survey is a statement of fact. Our inspectors report on the condition of the hull and machinery of a specific vessel, as well as the condition of the equipment at the time of the inspection. The survey will usually determine the operating status of the equipment and management systems, including their certification status.

Draft Survey

Draft Survey is carried out on bulk shipments, and is an accepted means of determination of cargo loaded or discharged from a vessel, forming the basis for which commercial documents and payment are transacted. Providing an independent verification of cargo loaded or discharged. Minimizing risk of inaccurate mechanical weighing systems. Our qualified professionals have extensive experience in this service and are available to perform a draft survey and produce an independent report based on the internationally standardized draft survey protocol.

Bunker Survey

The main purpose of these surveys is to obtain the correct amount of fuel, diesel oil, lubricant and sludge on board your charter and/or return ship. A detailed report will be prepared on these findings.

We provide inspection services for FCL and LCL cargo carried in containers. Inspecting container cargoes can be done by our surveyor at any time during the transportation process, from stuffing cargo into containers at the shipper's warehouse to delivering cargo to a consignee.

Ensure stevedores perform safe and efficient unloading and loading operations. Supervise all steps of a project when operations are carried out in the port. Our objective is to ensure that cargo is lifted, secured, welded and secured correctly and that everyone on site is safe before, during and after an operation.

Pre-shipment visual inspection of current inventory is performed on behalf of the buyer, seller, or insurers to make sure the products meet the terms of the contract as well as any applicable export laws and regulations. is possible to finish in the shipper's yard, warehouse, or wharf. to see, check, keep an eye on, and supervise the loading, pre-loading, sampling, processing, and testing of samples for quality and specifications of bulk cargo. Pre-shipment inspections (PSIs) generally include a physical inspection for the purpose of verifying that the goods are consistent with the documentation provided in respect of: goods description, quantity and specification and the import regulations of the importing country (e.g. labelling, health, safety, etc.). Physical inspection is conducted in the Country of Export/Supply of Goods and, as far as possible, on the premises of the manufacturer or supplier. Inspection of bulk cargo is normally conducted when the vessel is loaded. On occasion, it may be necessary to carry out inspections during production or control tests on the manufacturer's premises.

Cargo lashing survey on all type of containers (F/R, OT, GP containers). This survey is done to ensure if cargo stowage, lashing and securing is done according to IMO, SOLAS and administration requirements.

To conduct a cranes visual inspection to confirm that the crane and wire are suitable for usage and in compliance with all applicable laws. Inspections are conducted in compliance with the Maritime New Zealand and International rules and regulations.

The holds cleanliness condition survey is conducted to ensure the cargo holds condition before loading, ascertaining whether the holds are ready to load the nominated cargo or not. Upon completion of holds cleanliness survey, our attending Surveyors issue a Field Survey Report approving of refuting vessel’s holds’ condition for loading intended cargo(es).

The purpose of this survey was to inspect the full cargo spaces, any other areas related to the carriage of cargo and structural items regarding the seaworthiness and preparedness of ship that could possibly affect the trading capacity during the continuation of the time charter to which the ship has been employed.

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